Three little meerkats give a little cheer, for Zoofari 2013 is here! Help the Gladys Porter Zoo continue to inspire, educate and captivate the multitudes of children in the Rio Grande Valley by attending Zoofari ‘13, the biggest fundraiser of the year. Join our mob of meerkats for a party with a bunch of party animals during this two-night affair. Proceeds will be set aside for a major renovation of the Patty Gorges Small World, children’s interactive animal encounter area and nursery. Click on the TICKETS button to download the ticket reservation form to order your tickets.

The proposed renovation will feature an enhanced, naturalistic, Meerkat Motel – with pop-up viewing tubes to bring children up-close-and-personal to our mob of meerkats. In the center of Small World a giant ceiba tree will house small monkeys with overhead runways for the monkeys to move about and possibly a new exhibit showcasing the ugly, but hypnotically fascinating, naked–tailed mole rats. This giant ant farm-like exhibit is a crowd pleaser at every zoo where these bizarre critters are displayed. These are the only colonial mammals that exhibit behaviors similar to ants and termites. There is a queen that produces all the babies, and workers, soldiers and drones make up their subterranean world. Among the twisted roots of the tree kids will have the opportunity to explore crawl through tunnels. The renovation will also have an enhanced children’s interactive animal encounter and nursery for Zoo babies.

You can support the Zoo by attending Zoofari, purchasing a raffle ticket or making a donation. Your contribution will help us get one step closer to having a new Patty Gorges Small World.

Thank you to all of our underwriters who have already donated to our cause


Brew at the Zoo

Matt & Patty Gorges


Russell Family Trust
Jane R. Clark
John & Denise Butler

Capital One Bank
Mary Helen and Max Harris
Mary and Bob Carey
Lone Star National Bank

Dennis & Lynda Holbrook

Sunline Commercial Carriers, Inc.
Jim and Sue Smith
Laureles Elementary
Dr. John Gerling
Grace “Gayky” Gilmore
Trudy Garza

Robert Swantner – Financial Advisor
Frullati Café & Bakery
Nestle Toll House Café
Rio Bank


Earl C. Sams Foundation


Dr. Phil & Karen Hunke
First Community Bank
L & F Distributors / The LaMantia Family
George J. Toland Jr., M. D.

Marilyn White
Cardenas Development Co., Inc.
Harry and Barbie Butters
Melinda and John Wright
The Scales Sisters and Jim Helms
Frost Bank
Borden Insurance
Gladys Porter Zoo Docent Council
IBC Bank
Valley Day & Night Clinic
Dr. C. Lynn Anderson
Mary Cozad Chancey
Your Roday + Fields Consultant
Gulf Coast Paper Co., Inc.
William & Emma Mitchell
Ruth Evans
American Electric Power (AEP)