Two New Additions Will Soon Enjoy Their New Habitat

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Gladys Porter Zoo staff are ecstatic to announce the addition of two baby colobus monkeys to the collection. The first was born on October 3rd and the second on November 9th.  In the wild, they are vulnerable to habitat destruction and have suffered extensively by hunting for bushmeat and skins, especially in highly populated areas. According to Mammals Curator, Walter DuPree, both are doing well and can be seen on exhibit with the rest of the troop.

“Watching the baby colobus snuggled up against its mother’s abdomen or watching it cling tighter as she leaps from pillar to pillar is adorable and a sight you don’t want to miss,” says Cindy Stones, Associate Curator of Small World.

The Zoo has already broke ground on an expansion of the current colobus monkey exhibit. The expansion will feature an overhead sky walk for the monkeys that will begin at the existing exhibit and will lead them to a spacious outdoor habitat with plenty of opportunities to explore, exercise and enrich. The expanded habitat should be completed by this spring.

Dr. Patrick Burchfield, Zoo Director, states “We look forward to the completion of this exhibit because the Zoo will have yet another unique experience for the public to enjoy.  It will also allow visitors to have a more enhanced view of these exotic creatures and observe them in a different light.”

Black and white colobus monkeys are native to Central and East Africa. Babies are born with white fur and acquire the distinguishing black and white adult coloration at around six months. Colobus babies are cared for in multi-female families, which is known as allomothering, meaning the females take turns caring for all the offspring in the troop.

Come visit the new additions to the colobus troop. The Gladys Porter Zoo is open Christmas and New Years’ Day.

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