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Saturday Morning Fun at the Zoo

Saturday Morning Fun l DOWNLOAD: Fall 2015 Schedule .pdf l (2015 .doc version)

Enroll your child for Saturday morning fun at the Zoo! January thru May. You can join, too! You should pre-register to reserve your spots. Zoo tour is included in each class. Materials and supplies are provided. Arts & Crafts - Zoo tours Animal Encounters - Snacks

January 11- Zoo Safari
Go on a safari at the zoo. Explore Australia, Africa, Asia and South America. Get to know what species of animals are found in each region… a fun way to learn more about the zoo.

January 18 - Zoo School – Animals have Class

Learn about different animals and become an expert at identifying different types of animals.

January 25 - Top Zoo Chef
Zoo dieticians have to prepare meals for lots of animals every day. Come help feed some of the zoo’s animals after you learn what they eat.

February 1- I want to be a Veterinarian

Do you want to be a zoo veterinarian for a day? Some of the zoo animals want to make an appointment with you for a check up.

February 8 - Play Time
Playing is serious business for zoo animals. Spending time looking for food and exploring their environment is great exercise for zoo animals. Help make “toys” so that they can get their daily exercise and watch them play.

February 22 - If I Ran the Zoo
Learn what it takes to keep animals in a zoo. Go behind the scenes to learn more about zoo operations.

March 10-14 - Jr. Zookeeper Camp 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ($175 or $155 for members)
Join the few, the proud, and the hard-working staff that gets to work with wild animals. Find out what it takes to take care of animals and get to help with some of the daily chores at the zoo. The Starlight Safari sleepover is at 6:30 pm on March 15th. This class must have 10 students or more registered by March to keep it open.

March 22 - Dinosaurs

Walk back in time to discover a world ruled by giants. As part of the class, get to visit the robotic dinosaur exhibit. Get to know all the interesting characteristics of some of these prehistoric creatures.

March 29 -The Fast and the Furry
Who is faster… a cheetah or a jackrabbit? Get to know all the animal champions.

April 5 - Creatures of the Night
The sun sets and that is when they come out. This is your chance to learn all about the animals that hunt in the dark.

April 19 - Zoo Babies

Get to see some of the new animal babies at the zoo and learn how their moms or zoo staff takes care of them.

May 3 - Living Dinosaurs
Some people believe that modern birds are decedents of dinosaurs. True or not, birds are fascinating. Do you know your birds? Let’s explore the zoo for birds. Some have long legs; some have webbed feet; and some are big. Let’s see who can spot the most birds.

May 17 - Habitat Sweet Habitat
Learn what animals consider home. Identify various animal homes by the elements present that make it perfectly suitable for living.