Baby Giraffe Makes Public Debut


How could anyone or anything not fall in love with a face like this? One look at this adorable giraffe calf will melt anyone’s heart. He was born on April 28th. At its birth, he weighed 107 pounds, less than the average calf, which is around 135 to 145 pounds. Despite its weight, it was healthy and did not face any threats due to its low birth weight. The only issue that this young calf faced was that its mother was not interested in him, which is not unusual for first time mothers. Thankfully, it was not aggressive towards the calf, as some first time mothers can be; she was just neglectful of the young calf’s need to feed.

After keepers witnessed the mother just walk away from him and many failed attempts by the young calf to feed, it was determined that it was best to remove him from his mother’s care and hand raise him behind-the-scenes. Since giraffe populations are rapidly declining, every birth is very important and great measures are taken to sustain him.

It took a lot of work and great effort by Zoo staff to care for him with the hope that he would one day successfully integrate with the other giraffe, and now he has been integrated with the rest of his tower and is ready to make his public debut. He will now be on exhibit with the rest of his tower. Stop by the Gladys Porter Zoo to meet him!

And now, we would like assistance from Rio Grande Valley residents in voting for his name. Valley residents can vote for one of seven options: Jabari, Hasani Zane, Khari, Al G., Casey and J.C. Click here to vote now. Voting ends on December 6th at 5:00 p.m.

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